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What does a post menstrual syndrome actually involve?

 PMS used to mean Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, but more and more women complain about having the same symptoms AFTER the period. (Actually some even have pain in the middle of period).

Post-menstrual syndrome is one of the most discomforting things for a female. Its quite true that she experiences some of the most dramatic mental and physical changes during this time. Almost one-third of women suffer from this problem in their child bearing years. But it does not happen once they reach menopause. Other irritable symptoms of PMS are loss of appetite or a huge appetite, an itching pain in the vagina felt during intercourse and a feeling of dizziness and vomiting. A painful feeling can also be felt in the chest because it is insensitive for a short time.

A woman shows erratic behavior during this time. Today, all over the world people are aware of the short-temperedness of females during this period. Some women may also exhibit aggressive behavior during this time. She can feel unreasonable mood swings which are often accompanied with terrible laughing or crying.

 This physical behavior can include changes like weight gain owing to fluid absorption by her body and tiredness. Fluid retention by the body of a female can lead to a bloating of breasts, legs, arms and feet. She may even get cramps in her stomach, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. In extreme cases, a female may also kick into depression. Such symptoms can be exhibited by her for a period of 2 weeks after her menstrual cycle. Generally, such symptoms occur after the end of the menstrual cycle, but they can also happen during the cycle or before it.

The reasons for the occurrence of this syndrome are not known very well. The physical reactions can be attributed to the physical changes that happen inside her body during ovulation, but there is no explanation for the psychological changes. The hormones get released during the periods and after it which triggers such emotional overhaul.

 Women who suffer from some ailment are more likely to experience a post menstrual syndrome. An unhealthy lifestyle can be one of the major reasons, which accentuates the negative effects of the PMS. Such lifestyle consists of many factors like excessive smoking and drinking of coffee. Lack of any physical exertion also leads to such symptoms in post menstrual syndrome. Even women who are exposed to environments continuously laden with high pollution elements become a victim of such heavy psychological disturbances during PMS. Other factors that lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle are insomnia and stress.

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